Don't Leave Home without It

Nov. 15, 2001

Currently in Champaign, Illinois, to play NCAA Tournament matches against Evansville and hopefully Syracuse or Illinois, the Santa Clara women's soccer team shares what it just won't leave home without.

Junior Goalkeeper Erin Sharpe: My medication. You never know when things are going to get a little crazy.

Freshman Forward Taline Tahmassian: My cel phone. It's the only way I can contact my family and friends on the road.

Freshman Forward Veronica Zepeda: My yellow Joe Boxer underwear. They're pretty lucky.

Freshman Goalkeeper Alyssa Sobolik: I usually always bring my blankie that my gramma made for me when I was a baby. I didn't have room on this trip, because I overpacked, so I'll have to use a sweatshirt or something as a substitute and pretend that it's there.

Senior Midfielder Kerry Cathcart: I don't go anywhere without my homework. I've got 100 classes and way too much to do.

Freshman Forward Jaclyn Campi: My cel phone, I call my family and my boyfriend.

Junior Midfielder Aly Wagner: My crossword puzzles. Usually they're from USA Today.

Senior Defender Anna Kraus: I would not go anywhere without my pillow. It's just really great to have when you're stuck in the vans with 80 people and you have something to rest your head on.

Freshman Defender Lana Bowen: Chapstick. Sometimes my lips get chafed.

Freshman Forward Leslie Osborne: My teddy bear that my best friend gave me when I was a freshman in high school.

Freshman Defender Jessica Ballweg: My teddy bear. My mom and my dad gave it to me before I left for school

Junior Defender Emma Borst: Boomer, a stuff animal that my mom gave me.

Junior Midfielder Devvyn Hawkins: Pictures of my friends and family.

Freshman Forward Bree Horvath: I'd have to say my white bow. I only wear it for the games. I used to just like to wear bows, then my older sister Megan started wearing them all the time, and now it's more of a superstition thing when it comes to the games.

Senior Forward Katie Sheppard: J.J. Bear. I've had him since I was 12.

Freshman Forward Allie Teague: A pink blanket from home that I've had since I was a little baby.

Senior Defender Danielle Slaton: I always travel with my music. I listen to everything, but I like my Sade, because it helps me sleep on the plane.

Sophomore Defender Chardonnay Poole: Jeffery, my stuffed bear. He gives good luck to whoever's soccer shoes he kisses before the game. I've had him for a few months. James gave him to me.

Freshman Forward Kristi Candau: I bring batteries. You never know what you can use them for. Preferably AA. I also don't go anywhere without my autographed Kyle Bailey picture.

Freshman Defender Holly Azevedo: I'm like Erin. I don't go anywhere without my medicine.

Freshman Goalkeeper Erin Pearson: My classical hits CD. It has opera singers and such... it gets me ready for the game.

Senior Goalkeeper Ynez Carrasco: Pillow, because I sleep everywhere. I sleep too much, according to some people.

Head Coach Jerry Smith: That's easy, a picture of my family, Brandi and Cameron.

Athletic Trainer Carrie Rubertino: My cel phone, because of all the people I need to stay in touch with when I'm on the road.

Volunteer Assistant Coach Shawn Percell: A ring that my dad gave me and a Van Morrison CD. I always have to have Van Morrison with me.