Postgame Quotes

Sept. 30, 2006

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Head Coach Jerry Smith:

On the game
"I never concern myself with the shot total. In fact, the philosophy here is to take fewer shots and score more goals. I'm all about waiting for more opportunities and not firing the ball from anywhere. Our attack is built around trying to get around the corner and put crosses in front of the goal, but oftentimes those are dangerous situations which never really result in a shot. But I thought we did take our chances well and made the most of them."

"And then our defense is set up for letting people take long shots on our team, and UCLA did the same thing. Our goalkeeper is very good, and if you're going to take long shots at our goal, its going to take a heck of a shot to beat our goalkeeper."

"Stanford had some good chances, and when they did have two or three good chances, Meagan came up with some good saves or they hit the ball right at her. I'm happy with the result, I thought out team could have played a little bit better, and I give Stanford a lot of credit. They were a very aggressive team tonight, they've got a lot of team speed and a lot of attacking weapons. It is another shutout for the team, and for the back four and goalkeeper."

On Amanda Poach's goal
"Amanda has this wicked shot that you never know where it is going to go, and for her it's mostly gone off-goal for most of her career here. But to her credit, she normally plays holding midfield, and playing that position on our team, you're not gonna get a goal that often, so you basically sit back a lot and playmake from a deeper position. Amanda scored about two or three minutes after I switched her and Brittany Klein, and I wanted Brittany to play closer to the back of the field, and Amanda to get forward only because they were marking Amanda as our playmaker from a deep position.

"Amanda hit that rocket shot, and I think it knuckled and moved a couple of times, I think it kind of surprised the goalkeeper with its velocity. Even though it went into the middle of the goal, it had such pace and movement on it, obviously it was a great goal and it was great for the team."

On Meagan Snell's performance
"The number one priority for forwards is scoring goals, and Meagan is, right now, incredible. She has reached an incredible level with her finishing ability, and what's great about Meagan is that she only takes one or two shots a game and ends up with one or two goals. Here at Santa Clara, we're about shot selection, and Meagan has picked her opportunities extremely well and did it again tonight."

Forward Meagan Snell:

On her performance
"We're just coming out here and playing, and I'm finishing chances that are created by Brittany, Kiki, and Jordan, and that means its just an easy ball to slot."

"It was an important goal, I mean I wish we could have had a 3-0 lead like we did against UCLA, because we need to keep going down their throats. I think it was good, but then in the end became dangerous, because 2-0 is a very dangerous lead to have. We need to work harder, but it was good."

Midfielder Amanda Poach:

On her first collegiate goal
"Kiki did all the hard work, she managed to play a great ball to me, and I didn't see anyone in front of me so I took a touch and shot it and it just went in."

"Yes, especially because everyone is always getting on my case because I take all these shots from long range, and last year I didn't get any goals, and I hadn't yet scored this year. So I worked on my shooting and hopefully it pays off, but it was nice."