Jesolva and Vass Named WCC Freshman and Honorable Mention

Jesolva and Vass Named WCC Freshman and Honorable Mention

Written by EYEBRONCO reporter Kendra Cavaney '15

Wrapping up their first season on the women's soccer team, Jordan Jesolva (JJ) and Julie Vass (JV) are looking forward to the upcoming NCAA Tournament and have high hopes. Both having outstanding first years as players, Jesolva and Vass were named All-WCC Freshman and as well as Honorable Mention. Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) got a chance to talk with both players about their season.

SCB: How does it feel not only getting WCC Honorable Mention but All-WCC Freshman too in your first year of collegiate soccer? 

JJ: It's a great honor to be receiving these awards and I have to thank my teammates and coaches for helping me achieve them, as I couldn't have done it without them.

SCB: You've scored five goals this season and have taken multiple shots on goal, what was it like scoring your first collegiate goal against Iowa St.?

JJ: It was so exciting to score especially at Buck Shaw with all our fans cheering.

SCB: What are your hopes for the upcoming NCAA tournament?

JJ: I want our team to play well and make it to the Final Four so we can have a chance to win the title.

SCBWhat are you looking to improve on for next season? 

JJ: I would like to continue to become a better all around player and increase my assists and goals.

SCBBest memory this season?  

JJ: Probably the first time I got to play at Buck Shaw in our exhibition game when I scored two goals. But there were really a lot of good memories on that field and hopefully more to come.

SCB: Being a redshirt freshman, how does it feel receiving All-WCC Freshman and Honorable Mention?

JV: I definitely feel very honored to have received these two recognitions. It was particularly satisfying coming after our conference win. All the hard training as well as the excellent support from coaches and team has really paid off. 

SCB: Why did you redshirt last season?

JV: Having played all my previous soccer in Europe, I needed time in my first season to adapt to the U.S. college style of play. Being "red-shirted" allowed me to focus solely on building the skills I needed to be a dependable part of the Santa Clara midfield.   

SCB: How do you feel individually as a player and as a team in general going into the NCAA tournament?

JV: I am excited about the chance to represent Santa Clara in such a high level tournament. After experiencing the atmosphere of the NCCA tournament from the sideline last year, it is thrilling to have the opportunity to actively participate this season. As a team everyone is very motivated to win the tournament and give the seniors, who contributed so much the program, an incredible send-off. 

SCB: If you could describe this season in one word what would it be? 

JV: Break-through.