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Broncos Athletics


Our mission is to develop a safe space and community for the Santa Clara Athletics LGBTQ+ and ally student-athlete and staff population. This includes advocating for those who self-identify within the wide spectrum of sexual orientations and gender identities/expressions. We strive to facilitate awareness, discussion and activism through programming and collaboration with campus and department stakeholders.

We aim to accomplish this by:

  • Fostering Community 
    • Increasing visibility within programming and events, including Pride games
  • Building a Brave Space
    • Developing interpersonal connections, inviting allies, in order to uplift a less-visible community
  • Educating through discussion and activism 
    • Inviting speakers and participating in campus and athletics Pride events

Founding Members:

  • Emma Bickford - Student-Athlete, Softball
  • Gina Carbonatto - Head Coach, Softball 
  • Staci Gustafson - Deputy Director of Athletics 
  • Kristin Iwanaga - Assistant Coach, Women’s Basketball 
  • Jaclyn Lee - Associate Athletic Director, Sports Medicine
  • Carlaine Myers - Assistant Athletic Director, Sports Medicine
  • Sammy Needham - Student-Athlete, Softball 
  • Dr. Tyler Webster - Associate Athletic Director, Counseling & Sports Psychology

On campus Rainbow Resource Center:

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