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Bronco Bowl

The Bronco Bowl, sponsored by the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), is an internal competition among the 20 teams to increase and strengthen the Bronco student-athlete experience, enhance Bronco Pride and highlight the achievements made by our individual athletes and teams.

Yearly Champions

2014-15: Volleyball, Men's Cross Country (co-champions)

2015-16: Volleyball

2016-17: Women's Tennis

2017-18: Women's Cross Country

Santa Clara Student-Athletes

Throughout the year, student-athletes earn points by participating in community service projects, attending personal and career development events, excelling academically and athletically, supporting other athletic teams and participating in SAAC and University sponsored events. At the end of the academic year, the team with the highest point average per team member wins the Bronco Bowl prize. 

Bronco Bowl Purpose

The Bronco Bowl is presented by SAAC in order to further enhance the student-athlete experience as a Santa Clara Bronco, enhance Bronco Pride and highlight the achievements made by individual athletes and teams.

Bronco Bowl Breakdown

Each team will have a SAAC rep that is in charge of tracking his or her team’s points. The leadership group will update the SAAC leadership group on team’s Academic and Athletic achievements. There will be a google spreadsheet that SAAC reps will keep track of their team’s points/involvement/achievements. Regarding social media, the teams will post pictures supporting other teams and post on Instagram and twitter with the correct handle, hashtag and number of teammates attended. There will be an update on point’s every month at SAAC which will then be aired on Bronco Weekly to keep everyone up to date.

Bronco of the Month

SAAC team reps will nominate student-athletes that have been doing great things on the field, in the classroom and community. Honorees will be recognized on social media and be shown on the monitors across campus.

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