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Broncos Athletics


We aim to create a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment for BIPOC students in the athletic department. This social justice initiative is coming from our desire to change the injustice that we face. We aim to accomplish this by:

  1. Advocating for BIPOC student needs
  2. Having space for allies to hear our experiences 
  3. Fostering a culture of personal growth and problem solving

Leadership Team:

  • Maia Foelsch - Women’s Rowing 
  • Tyrone Kirunda - Men’s Soccer 
  • Samantha Needham - Softball 
  • Alex Scales - Men’s Track & Field/Cross Country 
  • Niall Angus - Advisor/Head Coach, Men’s Tennis 
  • Annalisa Duarte - Advisor/Assistant Athletic Director for Academics & Inclusive Excellence

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