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Men's Soccer Foreign Tour in England: July 4 - 5

Men's Soccer Foreign Tour in England: July 4 - 5

June 26-27 Log

June 28 Log

June 29 - July 1 Log

July 2 - 3 Log

Day 8 (July 4) - It's Coming Home

St. George's Park is the official training ground of England's National Teams.

It is located north of Birmingham, right in the middle of the country.  Just the chance to visit would have been enough for the boys but to actually play a match on the Michael Owen Field had the guys flying.

We were playing a side with older players than in the first match.  The game was open and we were the recipients of some favorably offside calls which led to some quick transition goals.  We managed the match well and it ended 4-0, again in our favor.  The quality of the performance was better than the first game and overall we got a lot out of the experience.  Better transition, better defending and some quality finishes.

A couple more matches in the next two days would definitely push the guys and our depth.  It will be interesting to see more of the group.

Following the match it was off to Sunday Roast, a favorite tradition of the English, even if it wasn't Sunday.  It is similar to our Thanksgiving but they enjoy it most weekends.  Ham, turkey, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, gravy… lots of gravy and you have a Sunday Roast.   The guys loved it, especially Jack Stoecker, who after two and 1/2 plates seemed to call it quits.  Let's just say, we got our full on the day.

Tomorrow it is a transfer to London, through Gloucester and a Uni match with Hartpury.


-Coach Rast


Day 9 (July 5) - Hartpury University

A trip out to Gloucester took some time but the guys were excited to play again and this time against another Uni team.

Hartpury is a beautiful college (HS) and a University.  It houses both levels of academics and boasts everything from soccer to equine sports.  While the level isn't usually the standard of the US they were definitely motivated to prove otherwise.

A fresher crew of guys starting this match had the game buzzing from the first whistle.

The game had a bit of "argy bargy" as they wanted to test the physicality of the group.  To the guys credit, they weren't phased and if anything rose to the challenge to pin three on our hosts in 75 minutes.  To this point, the game had the most realistic feel to what we will see this fall which is great for the group.

It was a late night arrival into London and a busy last full day in the capital city.


-Coach Rast


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